We love to do cabinets that are as pretty as a guitar so below are some recent       cabinets  that have been done . They are generally dovetailed to provide Beauty as well as Strength and finished inside as well as the outside. If you have an idea for your dream cabinet whether its a 2 or 3 piece or a combo let us know we would be glad to talk to you and discuss putting your current amp, combo into a custom enclosure. Thanks and Enjoy  ! P.S. dont forget we can also retolex your cabinet with the proper material  or do a new  grill cloth as well .


Here is a New Cabinet done recently in beautifully figured Mahogany we found when ordering some Mahogany  for some 1 piece bodies for a T style custom fretless bass and a S style body.. The cab is finished inside and out as is our style when we build cabs  its all dovetail joint closed back with Celestion U.K. Vintage greenbacks and Cane grill cloth. The head has a twist in that we added vents to both sides and the top for an interesting  design. The heart and soul of the head is its a hand made custom clone modern copy of a Marshall Bluesbreaker , all point to point wiring  and no expense spared. This thing is a Tone Monster!



Wow this was a Fun project ! This is a early 60s Gibson Hawk that had been owned by the same gentleman for many, many years and it was entirely original and working it even had the original tremolo foot pedal with it   and had been stored in a closet for generations because he plays mostly acoustic guitar. Any way here it is in its new custom enclosure we top loaded the amp chassis instead of the normal front load system it was in the original flimsey cabinet. We also enlarged the cab because in the late 60s he had added a 12″ alnico which was larger than the stock speaker it came with and we wanted it to breathe so its now Princeton sized and a closed back . This project made me realise how luscious these old Gibson amps are and the Reverband Tremolo is just Silky .Good things do indeed come in small packages ! And check out that Transparent Yellow and Black Finish on this knotty pine cabinet. may i present you the Gibson Hawk “Bumble Bee ”

P1070967 P1070966 P1070965 P1070964 P1070963 P1070962 P1070961 P1070960



This is a cabinet that was built to match the Tele-Nator. Finished in nitro lacquer inside and out. Inlays on top of amp. Binding on  cabinet around the grill cloth. 3/4″ solid pine with dovetail joints. 3 piece back panels for open or closed cabinet configuration. Fun Project!

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Solid pine 3/4″ dovetail joints. Finished inside and out with nitro lacquer tinted amber. This one has a logo on top of cab. That’s cabinet and back panels for open or closed configuration Only. Price for this build was $ 400.00.

No hardware no baffle board or grill cloth at this price. Make an old amp look new use all your old hardware and baffleboard  and grill cloth.


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This was a project for a steel guitar player. He wanted his cabinets to match his old Showman head so we re-tolex with the proper pattern. color and aged grill cloth on head and both cabs. These  have 15″ JBL speakers.

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All original ( I’m told) 1962 Silvertone 1481 model Tube amp, made in USA. Re-tolex in Red Metal Flake. Cool sounding amp very much like a vintage Champ.

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Early 60s Kent Tremolo Tube amp, made in USA. Very cool good sounding Tremolo. Re-tolex in Blue Metalflake. Both these amps were a fun redo and a real blast from the past.

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