Refinishing & Restoring

If you would like to inquire about restoring or refinishishing a specific guitar or a custom amp cabinet etc, Please call us so we can  walk you through the process. Thanks



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The above is a DM10 Tacoma this was a total refinish



 The above is a DR12 Tacoma this was a total refinish

The above is a DR 38 Tacoma this was a total refinish

This is my personal Pm20 e above and one of our American  Savage 58 Champ amp these are all tube and correct point to point wired. this was a total finish as well.

The above are a few acoustics in progress for complete refinishes a Tacoma Pm20 & DR 8C

The guitar below is a Em10 Tacoma  a wonderful playing instrument  for those not familiar with Tacoma guitars  made here in the U.S.A. These are well kept secrets  I own several  but I am blessed to belong to a forum that is all about the history , the facts  and everything  else about these special hand crafted guitars . You can review all the information  @ This Em10 came from Scotland to Texas to be restored to her former  grace

This is a kind testimony From Oehoe  a Dutchman in the Netherlands he is a moderator on the This site is a must read for acoustic players that want the biggest bang for their hard earned money check it out  Introduce yourself and say hello to Mo , Oehoe , Roses Dad  and many other fine  folks its the only forum I go to to relax and learn .

Netherlands meet Texas. Karma must exist in some sort of way. I met Wyatt on the Learned to know him as a passionate luthier who puts his love and soul in every project he shared on our forum. Love his work doing those awesome electrics but not in need  of any guitar whatever until he showed us his Tacomas. Being a rosewood dread Tacomite my attention was drawn to a refinished DR12. Not really in the need for one (I own an old battle scarred DR20 with the rash) but when TAS nibbles gently the bite becomes more intense. This is a Tacoma DR12 without finish problems! Decent price for European standards. I was sold…… so was this guitar. I not only got this incredible DR12 but the story of its history behind it as well. The DR12 arrived in mint shape making its journey across the big pont. From the moment of shipping telephone contact with Austin Texas to make things go the right direction (sorry for my worst ever English since High School Wyatt). Afterward feedback and info when needed.

All in all a great experience. He’s like my regular luthier Arie de Vocht who’s not only in guitars but IS guitars. Lives some 15 miles from here……. great guy, great guitarplayer and a nerd with all the knowledge in the world when it comes to guitars. The American Savage Guitars logo on the TRC whas the icing of the cake. I can play a very nice Tamoma that also proudly wears Wyatt’s fingerprint on this one. Love the guitar, love the American Savage twist

Thanks Oehoe that was very kind of you to send your thoughts !