Handwired Historic Tube Amps

  Champ & Tweed deluxe  now in production 04/1 /17


We are proud to announce  two iconic and historically correct Vintage Hand wired point to point amps.  The 58 5F1 circuit Champ and the 59 Deluxe 5E3 circuit both 1958 and 1959 respectively are some of the most popular Tweed amps ever produce

These are the first 2  amps we are currently building ( one of each are here at the shop for you to try out)  with several more models from the 50s and 60s to follow in the near future . The first two models have gone through rigorous testing and played side by side to compare the old originals to the new Historic recreations. Now you can buy your own brand new Vintage amp at a reasonable price so why buy a used tube amp that probably needs work unless it has current paperwork when you can buy  one of these and save money? !

The 1958 5F1 Champ  5 Watts of Class A sweetness  $ 847.00 includes  8 “Jensen P8R alnico spkr

This version of the Champ was produced in 1958, and was one of the most popular due to its use of a dual triode in the preamp to provide dual stages of pre-amplification. Also one of the more popular studio recording amps of  all time from then to present day, this amp is great for everyone from beginner to pro!

1959 Deluxe 5E3      15 watts of point to point goodness    $1166.00.00  Includes 12″ Jensen C12Q speaker.

This is an original copy of a 1959 Tweed Deluxe with the narrow panel cabinet. Its a 5E3 circuit class AB tube amp Cathode biased. It is a wonderful workhorse both in the studio and on stage due to its wide range of versatility.  One of the best and maybe the most popular tube amp ever produced in the last 50 odd years



I have always owned and loved old Tube amps of many brands and models but unless a person has  owned any of these for many years now  and is still lucky or smart enough to still own them trying to buy these now vintage amps  is both expensive and questionable at best why?

People that own them generally wouldn’t sell them if they truly loved the amp but more importantly the majority of these amps need major work to be correct and working properly instead of just working in some cases just barely,  but my favorite is always ” the seller ” states in his ad the amp just needs new tubes or some other minor thing that most current sellers are guessing at instead of having a repair sheet from a qualified amp tech stating exactly what it needs and how much it will cost. Capacitors ,Tubes and Resistors all have a limited life .Anyone buying a vintage amp no matter the price should have  25% to  50% reserve of whatever the amp cost them to put it in the shop and have it returned to original working order and specifications.
All of the above is why we put so much time and effort in to research of the vintage amp archives to build these accurate clones. go price a 59-60 tweed deluxe , now after you have caught your breathe remember if it doesn’t come with recent paperwork stating its in current proper working condition you will be spending more!