Lee Braverman , Austin Texas 2016

DeadEye, Mama K & The Shades, Funk-O-Tron

American Savage Guitars is the one and only place I’ll take my instruments.  Since meeting Doc & Wyatt in 2010 they have worked on and built several basses for me.  I originally took my 5-string to them for a set-up and refinishing, after seeing the great work they did on the set-up, they became my go to shop.  Not only is the work done professionally and at a high quality, most of it is done while you wait if you book a Saturday or Sunday weekend appointment !  You can also drop off  during weekdays  for jobs requiring more  work than a while you wait scenario and usually have it back in 3 to 4 days . After having my 5-string completed by them, and electronics installed into another bass, we began talk about a custom bass with true-tempered frets.  Rather than buying another Fender Jazz Bass, I had the guys at American Savage build one for me.  They take the time to listen to what you want as well as make suggestions.  One of my favorite things about them is that they are willing to put in the time and research to learn about a new product if they are not aware of it. The bass sounds and plays better than any Fender I’ve ever played and I constantly get compliments on both the sound and look.  These guys are the real deal and care about their work and customers.  I look forward to an long, ongoing relationship with some of the best guitar luthier’s/techs in Texas!

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Allen Sutherland

Austin Texas 7/20/2014

I have got to thank the guys at American Savage for the outstanding builds that I have thus far. And because I have experience building musical instruments (guitars) myself, I can say with out a doubt there could be no more attention to detail with a sensitivity for set up than what you have built for me. I am one picky “Cuss” when it comes to my guitars and the way they play and sound. For me to pick up a new built guitar and get it home and play for hours with out needing to turn a screw somewhere is a first. And it has happened twice. Thanks for the outstanding work and looking forward to the next instrument in progress it is going to be a chest beating tone gorilla. Allen


Hi guys,

I had to take a moment and send a big thank you for building my P style bass. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy playing it (it’s hard to put down). The suggestion that I try a Fralin pickup in it put it over the top.

Plays so smooth and sounds great!




Andy from the musicbusrocks.com and transcontinentaltrip.com

I play bass for TransContinental Trip and work at The Music Bus Rocks.
I brought my bass to the guys at American Savage Guitars. They did an amazing job working on it and pointed out some issues that other luthiers had missed.
I talked with them about building a custom guitar for me. They gave me a lot to think about when having a custom instrument built. Considerable time was spent discussing the project and it  gave me lots of options I hadn’t considered. They are patient and let their customers take their time, because they know how important it is for musicians to make the right choices when having a top of the line instrument built.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a unique, quality instrument.

The band’s website www.transcontinentaltrip.com and the bus’ is www.themusicbusrocks.com



Larry Teas  Austin Texas   12 21/2013

The Guitar I purchased from American Savage is by far my favorite instrument.
The sound and feel is simply perfect.
I would strongly urge anyone to check one out, don’t just take my word for it.
Thanks guys for a truly bad ass Tele.
-Larry Teas  Austin Texas   12 21/2013